A list of my published stories and where you can find them.

  • The Brambles – In Nightscript Volume V (2019, Cthonic Matter) edited by CM Muller. I set out to write about boggarts and bogies and malevolent faeries, and this is where I ended up.
  • The West Wind – In A World of Horror (2018, Dark Moon Books) edited by Eric J Guignard. A story about grief and belonging, set on a fantastical Hebridean island.
  • McBirdy – In Strange Tales Volume V (2015, Tartarus Press) edited by Rosalie Parker. McBirdy is set in the suburban landscapes where I grew up, and is about the traumas of adolescence and the long term damage that those few years can bring about. Honorable Mention (shortlist) in Best Horror of the Year Vol 8
  • The Impression of Craig Shee – In Sensorama (2015, Eibonvale Press) edited by Allen Ashley. Sensorama is an anthology of stories based around the senses. The Impression focuses on the sense of sight, and how it lets us down. Reprinted in The Five Senses of Horror (2018, Dark Moon Books) edited by Eric J Guignard.
  • Torn to Rags (co-written with Sandra Unerman) – In Wordland 5: True Love (2015, The Exaggerated Press) edited by Terry Grimwood. A fable of parental love.
  • Mary, Thomas and Joe, Stravaigin – In Caledonia Dreamin (2013, Eibonvale Press) edited by Chris Kelso and Hal Duncan. Caledonia Dreamin is an anthology of strange fiction inspired by Scottish language. Mary, Thomas and Joe… is inspired by the word ‘stravaigin’ – meaning wandering without purpose.
  • The Prize – In Astrologica (2013, The Alchemy Press) edited by Allen Ashley. A Pisces story, about fishes.
  • Stratford International – In Rustblind and Silverbright (2013, Eibonvale Press) edited by David Rix. Rustblind is a slipstream anthology of railway stories, and my contribution is about urban regeneration along the path of the Docklands Light Railway, and about the people who get left in the sidings.